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Anonymous asked:

elementary L and Light both dress up as sherlock holmes for halloween and even though they fought over which one did it better light gets really defensive when someone says that L doesn't look like him at all and ends up giving L all of his candy at the end of the night


Aw elementary L and Light sound adorable. Though I kind of feel like Light would only give L the candy he doesn’t like so that he can still seem like a nice person without having to sacrifice anything, because they’ve probably always been adorable little assholes.
Or Light gives away all his candy and then just goes around saying it was because candy rots your teeth and he’s a good little boy, but L knows and that’s all that matters….
Or L slowly steals all of Light’s candy piece by piece with a “if you’re such a great Sherlock Holmes try to figure out who stole your fucking candy” attitude, and Light just pretends not to notice.

Or they both show up dressed like Jesus. “Well one of us is going to have to change.”

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