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Anorexia isn’t a joke. Anorexia isn’t posting pictures of girls with ‘thigh gaps’. Anorexia isn’t making countless text posts about how you wish you hadn’t eaten. Anorexia isn’t making hundreds of suicidal threats per month on Twitter. Anorexia isn’t getting attention. Anorexia isn’t not eating. It’s funny, all the people who claim to have anorexia and saying they haven’t eaten, when truly, they’re completely full; feeding off all the attention they attract with their stunts and claims. Anorexia is an illness. Anorexia isn’t a competition of whose been in the hospital the most times. It isn’t a ticket to sympathy. It isn’t a tag on Tumblr. True anorexia is a toxic, life-devouring illness. You’re starving in body but also in soul. Anorexia feeds on your heart, dreams and passion until you’re a shadow. Anorexia isn’t weighing 75 lbs. you could weigh 500 lbs and be a horrifyingly self-abusive anorexic; even more so than someone who weighs 100 lbs. It isn’t a physical condition, it’s a mental one. It’s one people don’t show; on the Internet, on their face, or in their words. It’s a haunting, consuming ILLNESS. Not a phase, fad, or fashion.”
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This is just too perfect.

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THIS!!! To all those motherf*ckers who talk about anorexia knowing NOTHING!!!

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